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Jun 4 '13

Here’s an update from our tour in the West Coast. :D


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Apr 15 '13


It’s Tory here… checking in…

After weeks of being locked up in our practice studio songwriting we’ve now written and compiled over 20 songs.  The hard part is narrowing it down to 5 or 6 songs.  If time was on our side we would give you all 20+.  We’ll finally be hitting the studio in June right after our mini tour to the West Coast.  And roughly, the CD will be out in late June or sometime in July. 

At our last show in support of our friends The Phoenix Philosophy’s CD Release party we completely sold out of our merch.  That just means we’ll be starting our new merch line in the next few weeks.  I’ve got a great summer vibe going on here so you’ll be seeing a lot light t-shirts and tanks. 

Last week we wrote a new song that is going to make you shake it on the dance floor as well as whip your hair around just like me.  I can’t wait to finish this project.  Thank you to all my Little Fires for supporting Venus On Fire!  You guys are the best!



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Mar 25 '13


We’re proud to announce that we hit our goal for our Kickstarter fund.  We have been continuously writing new music.  In fact we just wrote a killer song last night that we’re all pretty sure will be on the upcoming CD.  But regardless… the most important thing is…. THANK U!!!!! We couldn’t have done it without you.

There’s ONLY 1 more day left to make a quick donation if you want your name on our CD with some Kickstarter Venus On Fire exclusive merch!  1 day left!  EEK!

Make your donation here: 

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Mar 4 '13
We’re on our way.  Please donate and help us finish our CD.  Thank you.

We’re on our way.  Please donate and help us finish our CD.  Thank you.

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Feb 27 '13

Please make a pledge to Venus On Fire HERE.

Time goes by fast and BOY do we feel it. It’s been 2 years since we released an EP and 2 years of hearing, “WE WANT MORE.” 2 years of playing old songs and 2 years of that can take its toll.

Enough with the 2s…

Let’s talk 3s…

3 reasons to make a pledge: headphones, speakers, soul. That’s where we want this EP to be. If you’re gonna shut everything out, then it’s gotta be loud and clear. If you’re gonna blare it out, then it’s gotta rock the floor. And if you’re gonna dance it out, then it’s gotta shake your soul. We want you to own it, hear it, share it, link it, post it, tweet it, bite it, write on it, whatever you want to do to appreciate it fully. But it’s only a fantasy until we MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Producers, recording engineers, studios, and the best recording equipment will rack up quite a bill, especially without a label. Your donation will help us bring this EP to realization and into your hands as soon as possible. 

Please make a pledge at the right of your screen. The incentives are a way for us to show you our appreciation for your support. Assuming that we reach our goal, we plan to have this EP finished and ready by the end of May. Please share this Kickstarter campaign and WE’LL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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